About Us

Happy Ghost was founded by TikToker kristenxmorgan in April of 2020.

Based off of a comedy skit turned viral, kristenxmorgan was pretending that her closet was haunted, and the ghost was angry with her.

After five or six skits, the video had reached peak virality, sparking some viewers to joke about "making Ghost merch". Kristen took it to heart, and within two weeks had launched Ghost Merch. The first site did so well, selling out within the first month, that she decided to bring it back for Halloween under the new name Happy Ghost. Once again, the internet loved the happy little ghost plastered on orange and purple shirts - the site sold out again.

 By November of 2020, Kristen decided to turn it into a full-scale clothing brand - known today as Happy Ghost. 

We love to see pictures of you in your Ghost merch! Simply DM a picture of you wearing your clothes to @happyghostclothing on Instagram to become a featured model on our Instagram/site. <3